Vintage Outside

I was approached by Andy Thompson, of Richmond Outside and Ryan Corrigan, then of the James River Association, about creating a mid-20th century national park-style poster set for Richmond’s beloved outdoor spots. A percentage of all sales could go to local outdoor charities, like JRA, Blue Sky and Maymont, who’s local efforts preserving and promoting conservation and education lined up with our vision. The production would involve taking photographs and sketching layouts and loose drawings while gradually refining the overall composition –at which point the raw line art can be made into vector-based imagery allowing for coloring and manipulation of elements, fine tuning and adding titling. I’ve illustrated 8 posters for Richmond so far: Belle Isle, Pony Pasture, Texas Beach, Atlantic Coast Line Railway Bridge, Pipeline Walkway, Maymont Park, Buttermilk Trail and Manchester Wall. 

OTRMM2Joe Akers